4 PM Detention

Released at: February 3, 2008 by California Star Productions
Annette knows all the tricks when it comes to getting her own way. Detention class was designed as a punishment for stubborn students. But Rodney, the teacher in charge of that class is new to his profession. He can easily be manipulated. Ms. Stevens, on the other hand, is uncompromisingly stern, and she has decided to give the novice teacher a demonstration of her direct approach to student discipline using the rebellious Annette as a model. When the young girl's panties come down and her tender white behind turns a glowing red, Rodney sees the value of Mrs. Steven's technique. Finding such uncontroversial classroom items as leather straps, paddles and a cane in Mrs. Steven's room, he decides to test them out on two other disobedient girls. He may be over zealous at first, but as the two young ladies stand teary eyed, rubbing their welted bottoms, they see their novice teacher in a new light. Rodney will have the respect of the entire class, and he will enforce it with the well-used disciplinary tools of the trade!!!

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