Alora Lux vs Lady Boss April Paisley Sexfight

Released at: July 28, 2023 by Mr Rain's Sexy Wrestling
This is the debut singles match of the Lady Boss April Paisley, a petite blonde with a fiery attitude, and we've not gone easy on her as her opponent is the veteran Alora Lux who is taller, heavier and vastly more experienced then the newcomer. Alora thought this was going to be a cakewalk and she couldn't have been more wrong. April has the moniker of the Lady Boss for a reason and takes the fight to Alora trapping her in a boston crab and slapping her pussy. April didn't come to Mr Rain's to be a jobber as Alora finds out, as the smaller girl gives the experienced redhead all she can handle. These two go to war with scissorholds, facesitting, oral, pussy rubbing and fingering. Eventually one girl is defeated but is it April who picks up the win in her debut or does Alora add another tick in the win column.

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