Amazing Penetrations 32

Released at: May 30, 2020 by Sticky Video
Naughty Alysha has a giant insatiable pussy and when she masturbates, she needs to use the biggest toys you have ever seen. Alysha does not just gently slide these dildos inside her holes but rams them in so hard you know she's on a mission. It doesn't take her ling to cum once she starts jamming the big slabs of rubber into her cunt. She is into non-stop sex, so as soon as she gets off one toy, she retrieves an even larger dildo to continue stretching herself to the limit. It is a feeling that she craves. Alysha does some unusual tit pumping and then puts dildos into her pussy and makes them come out her ass. Then she puts the toys into her asshole and forces them out her pussy. Afterwards she uses some of her biggest dildos to date and cums buckets all over the bed for a super wet ending. If bigger is better, then massive is best!

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