Babes and Bicycles

Released at: January 30, 2017 by Mr. Skin
In Hollywood, sometimes a car isn't always available, so a bicycle is the next best mode of transportation to get a chick from point A to point B. And because those in the world of filmmaking have dirty minds, sometimes they're kind enough to give us scenes of nude women riding a bicycle, showing all three B's. If you desire to see a celebrity in the nude and riding a bicycle, you're going to skinjoy this playlist! Enjoy the ride! **Sara Jean Underwood **gets topless to go for a ride on a big ass bike in Attack of the Show! **Sara Jean Underwood** returns for a boob-baring, thong-clad biking appearance in Attack of the Show! **Sigourney Weaver**gets her photos taken while she rides a stationary bike, topless, showing a bit of fuzz and butt later on in Half Moon Street, **Candie Evans**does some artistic stripping, showing all 3 B's before hitting the bike in Takin' It All Off, **Vahina Giocante** shows off her behind-a in Lila Says, **Sarah Alexander** bares her cute butt on her bike in The Armstrong and Miller Show, **Terri Teague** and **Kim Stanton** both show rug, rump, and rack while riding on a stationary bike in The Cheerleaders, **Shaw Yin-yin** goes on a T&A ride in Big Bad Sis, **Olivia Colman** is totally nude during a tandem ride in Confetti, **Margrét Vilhjálmsdóttir** flips out, gets completely nude, and goes for a bike ride in White Night Wedding, **Charlotte Alexandra** teases some tail in A Real Young Girl, **Agnieszka Wlodarczyk** shows boobs, butt, and fuzz in Sara, **Nina Kunzendorf** flashes some amazing T&A while going from bike to lake in Marias letzte Reise, **Melanie Griffith** cleaves out in Milk Money, **Jennifer Rivell** shows her panty-clad body in Haggard: The Movie **Emily Ratajkowski**, **Elle Evans**, and **Jessi M'Bengue** do some topless dancing while one of them rides a bike in Blurred Lines. These gals can ride Mr. Skin's bicycle anytime they want!

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