Baby Got Boobs Vol. 4

Released at: July 29, 2010 by Brazzers
**Baby Got Boobs Vol. 4** **"The Bionic Boobies"** Jenna almost dies in an accident and is saved by a doctor who uses bionic parts. A freak side effect is that she can fuck any man into submission. **"What Really Happens When Girls Go To The Bathroom"** When Audrey and Memphis excuse themselves from the party to go to the bathroom; Charles decides to spy on them to find out what really happens in there. **"Juiced"** Have you ever worked in the cable industry? It's really hard and you get fucked all the time. It seems to make you irresistible. This video illustrates my point. **"Bouncing Boobs"** Robyn and Jenaveve sneak into their neighbor's yard to play on his trampoline. When they get caught they will do anything to get out of trouble. **"Dog Magnet"** Barry meets Alexis while out walking his dog. She offers to do whatever it takes to spend the weekend with his dog. He sees just how far she is willing to go. **DVD Bonus. Maya Gates, Riley Evans, Kurt Lockwood**

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