Big, Buff & Ticklish

Released at: June 1, 2006 by TicklingParadise
F/M!! We dare you to find a guys getting tickled video like this anywhere else. Meet Bruce! 320 pounds of pure muscle - 6'3" tall, shaved head, Black body builder with a cocky grin. He's beautiful Cheyenne's personal trainer but he isn't very ethical. He is constantly trying to cop a feel on lovely Cheyenne. Finally, she gets fed up and tricks her buff trainer into stocks. There, he is at her mercy. She sloooowly removes his shoes and gets ready to punish this big beefcake. (When we first met Bruce we were worried he wouldn't be ticklish because he's so damn HUGE and strong like an ox! But being buff doesn't protect you from being ticklish - and he REALLY was ticklish! So much so that he was surprised and asked to stop filming because he was in agony! Cheyenne's nails tickle over Bruce's sweat socks on his (HOLY COW!!) size 20 feet! Bruce tries to stay cocky but he can't help laughing hysterically. (This man never lets ANYONE touch his feet - he was freaked by how ticklish his feet were!) Well, Cheyenne really puts this big buff beefcake through his paces and tickles his socked feet, bare feet, and upper body too. Bruce is covered in sweat and howling with laughter. Another hot thing is that because of this man's humungous size, he couldn't really struggle or move quickly to escape the tickling. Like his own body trapped him and compelled him to endure the unendurable sensation of being tickled! If you like confident ticklers, Cheyenne is sure of herself, obviously tickling him and teases him constantly "What if everyone at the gym knew that big buff Bruce was ticklish like a baby?" She taunts and teases and tickles EVERYWHERE. He gets a dose of nipple tickling that leaves him in tears! Finally, Cheyenne finishes her assault on his big bare feet after putting him in silky dress socks. The tickling gets so bad, Bruce begins PLEADING for her to stop. A 320-pound, huge muscleman begging like a baby all from such a harmless thing as a tickle! Bonus scene: Cheyenne pairs up with stunning super model, Christie to tickle the high school quarterback, Chan - a super cute 18 year-old Asian guy. Chan is a wicked struggler as he flails in the stocks to escape the cheerleader girl's fingers. They tease him and he reacts just like a little boy. Fighting, pleading, laughing - he's hyper ticklish and can't believe he agreed to this because he finds being tickled like tease. His soft bare feet, underarms and ribs get tickled from 2 tall dominant goddesses while he goes berserk!

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