Cherry Mavrik & Matt

Released at: April 17, 2015 by Bang My Trans Ass
Cherry's been looking for a good massage but no one's been able to help her. As she laments to a friend, someone at the coffee shop over hears her. Turns out Matt's a new masseur and would love to see if he can help her out. While he's oiling down her hot, trans body, he's shocked when he sees her sporting a huge teepee under the massage blanket. But he told her he would give her a full body massage and she expects service. So he has no choice but to start stroking her big girly cock. He admits to her that he's fantasized about going down on a girl like her and he takes advantage of the opportunity. Matt sucks Cherry's big dick and before long, she's sucking his. Things continue getting wild when he bangs her in many positions including getting on the joy rider. She climbs on top of his cock and rides it hard. Finally, she spews a huge load on his face. He bangs her a little more until he's ready to blow. He cums in the condom but then dumps it out all over her face and makes her eat it.

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