Damsel In Distress 1151 - Frozen State Of Fear

Released at: May 12, 2021 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel and her sister Dallas inherited a large sum of money and decided to buy the first mansion that they saw. The old Harddick estate just down the road was an excellent deal; the owners were practically giving it away. Touring their new home, the siblings were very impressed. Here and there they found strange objects left behind by the previous owners. Little did they know it, a mysterious, unseen entity observed them throughout. With great interest it eyed their shapely, busty figures, which were all the more accentuated by their sexy outfits. That entity was actually the ghost of old man Harddick. He had been the mansion's original occupant. During his lifetime, he was notorious for his wickedness and sexual depravity. As a spirit, he was just as bad. When the sisters reached the top of the stairs, they saw a pair of chains tied over the balcony. They shuddered to guess what it could have been used for, but failed to get the message that the mansion had something evil about it. Later, after an evening of popcorn, movies, and some drinks, Rachel and Dallas settled down for the night in the master bedroom. Barely had they gotten in to bed when the Harddick's ghost materialized and put them into a trance-like state. This left them unable to move or talk, yet fully aware of their surroundings. Seeing the two sisters stripped down to their lingerie had motivated him to immediate action. With the pair completely at his supernatural mercy, he was free to do whatever he wanted with them. For extra restraint, however, he had cords appear and bind the wrist and ankle of one sibling to the wrist and ankle of the other. He then removed each sisters' panties, and parted their stockinged legs. The two women wore an almost constant look of frightened helplessness on their faces. Not that that it ever led to Harrdick's ghost showing them any compassion. After he had fingered and licked Rachel's naked pussy for some time, he willed her and her sister to sit up and take turns sucking his hard cock. His power over them was such that they performed the act exactly as he desired. Although they were inwardly reluctant, their sucking was sensual, deep, and skilful. Following this, Harddick's ghost fingered and licked each sister's pussy some more, then fucked Rachel in the missionary position. As his cock slid relentless in and out of her, she gasped and moaned in spite of her herself. Meanwhile, the ghost of Harddick continued to finger Dallas. Presently, he gave her the same style fucking as her sister. Just like Rachel, she couldn't help letting out many a sound of pleasure. Yet further fucking followed - with the siblings positioned on their hands and knees alongside one another. Harddick's ghost mounted and pounded Dallas first, then moved on to take Rachel. He fucked both sisters with deep, hard, expert strokes. Again they betrayed signs of pleasure in the midst of chaos - even groaning a grateful, welcoming 'yes' from time to time. Finally, Harddick's ghost blasted a thick creamy ribbons of cum all over Rachel's butt and smeared it into her skin with his hand. A moment later, he was gone; The two siblings were slumped and unmoving on the bed. Their eyes stared vacantly. With his evil power, Hardick's ghost had ensured that the hapless sister's would never tell of his secret.

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