Gary's Angels Chapter 1

Released at: August 1, 2023 by Dirty Doctors Videos
The Dirty Bastards, Trickee Dickee and Johnny Hardcore, a couple of minor crooks had been wreaking havoc in the city by carrying out a series of robberies. So the police commissioner has called upon Garys Angels Trisha & Savana, a couple of hardened crime fighters dressed in bright red cat suits and bright red PVC Boots to hunt them down and bring them in. The girls eventually tracked them down with the spoils of their latest heist they tried to run like frightened rats, but they were cornered and arrest was inevitable. The guys turned on the charm and started to seduce the two girls who responded favourably to their advances, they soon had their tits out, and the boys stripped off. The girls bent over so the boys could undo the zips on their catsuits and finger their wet juicy pussies, the girls lay back and commanded the boys to suck on their pussies, which they enjoyed immensely. Next it was time to suck on the dirty bastards cocks to make them nice and hard and ready to give the girls a good fucking. The guys soon rose to the occasion and Savana was first to get fucked and bent over the bed and Tricky fucked her doggy style while I worked my magic on Johnnys Cock. After fucking Savana, Trickee lay on the bed and she sucked all her pussy juice off of his cock before climbing aboard and riding him reverse cowgirl. Both guys were now laid back on the bed while we worked on their cocks but Savana wanted more so once more Trickee bent her over and fucked her. Then it was time to swap and Trisha moved over and sucked all Savanas pussy juice off of Trickees cock then she climbed aboard and road him reverse cowgirl bouncing up and down on his stiff cock. Savana rode Johnny cowgirl then Trisha bent over the bed and Trickee fucked her doggy while Johnny slid over to the middle of the bed and both girls sucked on his cock. Then they put the cuffs on it and Savana wanked him hard. He then bent her over the bed and fucked her doggy and both girls sucked on Trickee's cock but Trickee was relentless and it was time to milk these cocks so the girls sucked hard on their erect members. Trisha lay across the bed fingering her pussy and squeezed Trickees balls as he jerked off, he still was not ready to empty his balls so he lay back on the bed for more hand action before Trisha lay back down to take Trickees full load all over her face and in her mouth licking up every drop. Having satisfied her desires Trisha put the cuffs on Trickee ready to take him in and both girls turned their attention on to Johnny. Savana sucked him deep and hard until he shot his full load deep in her mouth after which she put the cuffs on him, they led the boys away naked and cuffed, and the local cops took them to jail.

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