Geeky Addiction

Released at: August 25, 2021 by Burning Angel Entertainment
Amber Ivy worried she and her boyfriend Johnny Castle would be late to the movies because of his video gaming distraction. Out of frustration she revealed a dirty secret: that she, too, was a gamer and could beat the level easily. He didn't believe her at first, but got turned on as she defeated the boss level, and.. of course they had to bone! Resident Slytherin Draven Star has a couple of study tricks up her wizard sleeve to share with Ramon, who doesn't seem to be taking these exams seriously. Draven enchants his cock with a boner spell and takes advantage of the situation with her magical mouth and muff! Nerdy slut Larkin Love enjoys helping noobs build characters for RPG campaigns... and Seth Gamble basically wanted to be Legolas. Larkin was turned on at the idea of his arrow nailing her right in the pussy, so she excused herself to the bathroom to masturbate while he wrote a backstory. Buzzed blonde babe Riley Nixon slowly teased her way out of her fire engine red Syren Latex minidress, encouraging Steve Holmes' growing erection.

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