I Swallow 8

Released at: January 9, 2001 by Rodney Moore
**Semen Server:** Sexy Skye is a little blond with a hairy pussy and a sex slave... Trinity, a big, busty blonde. Trinity's task is to serve up semen for her mistress. In three segments, Trinity sucks guys off until each cums into a glass, which is served up to Skye. Skye swallows the spunk, but shares some sperm with her slave so they can both swallow. **Lost Cell Phone:** Searching for his lost cell phone at the raquetball court, Rodney finds Xanthia stretching. It's no stretch to get her to stretch her mouth and pussy around his cock, and some nice slaps to her awesome butt echo across the court. Back at his place, she won't let her tight lip lock on his cock go, evcen after he spurts his goo. **You May:** Mei Yu, a cute Filipina, thinks she's just posing in clothes for a new Asian girl mag. But Rodney has other plans... as usual, once he whips his dick out and strokes it in front of her, she can't resist falling to her knees and sucking on it. Then she spreads her legs and gives Rodney a wild ride before downing the goop from his hot dog. She relishes every drop. **Dick Of The Day:** Sitting on the can, Allyson calls in the dick of the day. She sucks on that anonymous meat until it spurts cream into her mouth. **Hooker Alley Move:** Rodney's back out at Hooker Alley, but the heat must be on, 'cause there's no action. Seems that Hooker Alley has moved! Rodney finds the new hot spot, where foreign hottie Zarina trades her wares. He almost wears out her mouth, pussy AND butthole before popping a big Rodney Blast down her throat. **What A Bush!:** Call Diamond a diamond in the rough - her coarse, thick pubic hair delights Rodney. And she knows how to use it. And she loves to swallow.

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