Let Me Seduce You

Released at: December 14, 2020 by JoyMii
When Nick A gets out of the shower, he wants to use is shiny clean cock to fuck his perfect girlfriend Anita Bellini. She knows how to please him and he can't resist her tiny wet pussy. Stella Cardo is so happy to have Stephan Cardo fixing her computer. He's so incredibly cute, she's wondering if he's a virgin. The thought of popping Stephan's cherry is kind of turning her on. While studying together, Luna Rival and her friend Charlie Dean contemplate losing touch in their post-college careers, a spark occurs between that they'd both been fighting for some time. It's time to consummate their attraction. Luna Silver can't believe her mom sent her to do such a boring job but Nick Ross might have an idea to amuse her. Nata Ocean gets an idea and hops on top of Nick R. while he's napping and starts to lick him hoping to stir him. He's startled but aroused and turns over putting his thick cock inside of her wet pussy.

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Luna Rival

Scene4: 00:58:09 - 01:18:25 (20:16)

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Nata Ocean