Lila Love in Step Daughter Home For Spring Break

Released at: June 13, 2023 by Taboo Heat
Am I Still Fuckable - I pull my wife, Cory, aside so I can tell her about my stepdaughter, Lila, who has a sex addiction. She is horny all the time, and she will have sex with anyone, male or female! I warn Cory to be on the lookout and not fight Lila if she gets horny for her pussycat. A few moments later, I walked into Lila's room to greet her. I ask her if the therapist helped her with her sex addiction at all. She tells me that it didn't work, and she's still horny all the time! It doesn't take long for Lila to strip naked in front of me. I can feel my cock starting to grow in my pants, so I pull my cock out, and she starts to suck my cock. Once my cock is nice and hard, she lies down on her bed, and I start to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. I cum deep inside of her pussy, and then I run off to go check on Cory.

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