Mr. Skin's Short Haired Hotties

Released at: October 7, 2020 by Mr. Skin
From **Halle Berry** to **Anne Heche** to **Miley Cyrus**, Short Haired Hotties are not shy about trying something new. Spend some time with these fun loving celebs who don't mind taking it all off! **Morena Baccarin** shows rackarin, backarin, and front crackarin while talking with Josh Lucas in Death in Love, **Annie Belle** bares mams and muff while pulling on a pair of jeans in Laure, **Miley Cyrus** lets her leather jacket slip open, revealing one perky nip tip in V Magazine Photo Shoot 2013, **Halle Berry** got herself a massive bonus paycheck by flashing her chest berries in Swordfish, **Anne Heche's** sweet apples are on display as she ventures into the all-gal shower in Girls in Prison, **Angel Boris** hops out of the tub and drips from her soaking wet B's in Boa vs. Python, **Demi Moore** serves up the buns during a dark shower scene in G.I. Jane, **Kelli McCarty ** shows lusty landing strip frontal in the hot tub, than the full three B's when she gets out in The Stalker 2, **Jennifer Jason Leigh** doffs her clothes hops on the bed, and offers up her bitties to Alec Baldwin in Miami Blues, **Alyssa Milano** looks amazing in thigh highs and a thong in Little Sister, **Robin Tunney** trots out her twins when she disrobes in a futuristic coed locker room in Supernova, **Jamie Lee Curtis's** mammaries are seen as she lays in the tub in Love Letters, **Greta Gerwig** flaunts full frontal while playing trumpet in the tub in Hannah Takes the Stairs, **Susie Porter ** sits naked in the tub getting her legs shaved by **Kelly McGillis** in The Monkey's Mask, **Natasha Gregson Wagner** bares buns while lying nude on the bed in Quiet Days in Hollywood, **Kim Yates** bares boobs, butt and bush aplenty while riding her guy's baloney pony in Secret Pleasures, **Winona Ryder** is thrown into a bath getting her white t-shirt all wet in Girl, Interrupted, **Maggie Gyllenhaal** seduces her lucky lad by serving up a hint of right nip in Happy Endings, **Grace Jones** gives out a nice greased-up ass shot emerging from water in a commercial in Boomerang, **Adalina Perron** and her guy trade oral favors, with her showing us every inch of her nude body all the way in Sex Stories, **Wendy Hamilton** and** Julie K. Smith** both bare boobs on the strip stage in The Dallas Connection, **Julie K. Smith** whips off her hat and shirt on stage and sling her melons around in Return to Savage Beach, **Nastassja Kinski ** goes chasing after a rabbit in the woods after taking off all of her clothes in Cat People, **Lina Romay** shows boobs, then a frontal flash while masturbating with a crucifix in Cartas de amor de una monja, **Annj Goren** bares every inch of her toned bod while orally exploring every aperture of Dirce Funari in Porno Holocaust, **Alicia Navajas ** shows it all when she gets her chocha chewed by a short-haired lady in Belcebú.

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