My Lesbian Fantasies Vol. 55

Released at: April 16, 2019 by Nikky Thorne Productions
Scene 01 "Ass love with Tina" Nikky Thorne - Tina Blade Nikky shows Tina first how deep the Ass Love can be! She puts her tongue deep in Tina's tiny asshole and licks all the dirt out! Then the girls kiss like crazy putting the tongues deep in each other throats, and now it's time for Tina to revenge and show Nikki how much she loves to lick her asshole! Scene 02 "Dirty ass play" Nikky Thorne - Bara Brass Bara give me some facesitting in her sexy jeans shorts first, and then she puts them down and I start to lick her perfect ass. Sure I do it my way the tongue deep inside her asshole. Then I take a banana let her chew it, she put it at her asshole and I eat it up! Ha ha how perverted I am? Scene 03 "Belly button and armpits with Olivia Netta" Nikky Thorne - Olivia Netta I want so much to taste Olivia Netta's belly button and armpits. They look so delicious. Say when she invites me for a taste, she does not have to ask me twice. After playing with pierced belly button, I start to lick and tongue fuck it, before she gives me a moist tongue revenge on mine. I just need to taste and smell her fragrance on this hot day, so I turn my head to her armpits and start licking every inch of it. It has such a perfect smell and taste. Olivia Netta is also very horny to taste mine, so she start to clean my pits with great dedication.

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