Nasty Art: Fleshtones

Released at: June 22, 2004 by Hustler
Is it porn or is it art? Nasty Art: Fleshtones delves into the erotic masterpieces of Irvin Bomb to find the answer. You've never seen paintings quite like these. Artist Irvin Bomb strips porn starlets bare and captures their lust on canvas. Every curve, every nook and every cranny is painstakingly reproduced in these hand-painted works. The results are nothing less than X-rated genius. Irvin Bomb earned critical acclaim in the book The Art of Irvin Bomb. Now, go behind the scenes and discover the method to Bomb's carnal madness. Get up close and personal with your favorite adult starlets as they're immortalized by Bomb's lurid brush. Pay-per-view audiences have already seen the lust firsthand. Now, find out for yourself. Nasty Art: Fleshtones is where fine art and hardcore meet!

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