Quarantined MILFs

Released at: December 14, 2021 by Family Hookups
McKenzee Lee is horny and trying to enjoy a little alone time, just her, her massive tits, and her hand rubbing her hot milf pussy. There's just one problem, her stepson who is quarantined with her is teaching his virtual workout class and he's loud as fuck! How's she supposed to cum with all these distractions? When she goes outside and sees his hot body (and that dick print on his shorts!) she goes from mad to horny and decides to see if she can get a little quarantine love from him since her hubby won't be home any time soon. He's hesitant at first but how could you resist those massive melons? Jennifer White's stepson is back home from college today and she's excited. Her husband has been stuck in China since Covid-19 hit and she's just happy to have a man in the house again. After they catch up a bit he decides to take a shower and Jennifer hasn't seen cock in so long that she can't help but spy on him. As soon as she sees, she can't help but touch herself, but he catches her in the act! They have an awkward conversation but she explains that she needs a man's touch and he certainly can't turn down such a hot milf! No one tell dad that his son blew a load all over his stepmoms face! Brittany Andrews is pissed off. She's quarantined at home with her lazy stepson and he's always late for his virtual classes! She wakes his ass up and then takes a call from her husband who can't get a flight home because of Covid, he tells her that her stepson is failing his classes. She goes back in to check on her stepson and he's jerking off to porn instead of working! She's pissed but she has some sympathy, quarantine is hard for him too. She decides it would be a good idea for them to both blow off some steam and what better way than having him blow his load all over her hot milf body? Rachel Cavalli has been quarantined alone while her husband is away due to Covid-19 but that changes today. Her stepson's college is canceled so he's coming home. She's never been a fan of him though, he's a cocky little prick, but she's still happy to have company. The first thing he asks is if he can have his girlfriend over, absolutely not! Rachel isn't about to get covid so he can get his dick wet! She knows he's a young guy who needs to get laid though so she has an idea, why not fuck each other until quarantine is over? It'll keep them both safe and satisfied and dad won't know that Rachel took her stepsons cock deep in her hairy milf pussy!

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