Relieve My Stress

Released at: May 3, 2020 by Fantasy Massage
Scene One: Jessica Bangkok had to take the tension out of Eric Masterson's back after he fell off a ladder. His wife couldn't give him what he needed because she's been ignoring his needs, so he had to seek other company. The Asian Jessica seduced him with her large breasts and wet pussy that she rubbed all over his body. He got a full massage - back and neck, cock massage, and blow job. There was no stress left in his body after Jessica took his hard dick deep in her tongue-pierced mouth until he gave her all his cum. She definitely worked for her tip. Scene Two: Mischa Brooks took care of a tall dark and handsome man who just got back from Cuba and was so sore from running around that he needed his body worked on. She let him lay back and enjoy while she rubbed oil all over his body until they were too turned on to keep working. She put his huge hard cock in her mouth while she rubbed the rest of his body. She got on top of him and put her pussy on his face while she finished sucking on his dick until he squirting cum all over her face. Scene Three: Dahlia Sky was saved by her hero when a persistent customer asked for too much of her time. A big brooding man came to rescue her so she gave him special treatment for an entire hour. Bailey gave him a full body massage with her hands and rubbed her breasts all over his body until taking his cock deep into her mouth to give it what it really deserved. He ate her pussy until she came on his face, and until she had cum in her mouth. Scene Four: Presley Hart took care of Brad Tyler after his girlfriend treated him poorly. She was the perfect girlfriend for one hour of bliss. The sexy brunette did things to him that his girlfriend doesn't usually do. She took his cock deep in her mouth until he was completely hard. She wanted to give his dick the full attention it deserved to make sure he released all his stress before leaving her parlor. Brad gave Presley what she wanted... and she swallowed all of his cum. Scene Five: Sharon Lee's boss came to visit her to see if she had been doing a good job. Marco Rivera tests out her massage skills, because she wasn't very good at it the first time. She rubbed oil up and down his legs, on his back and shoulders, and flipped him around to rub his chest and work her way down to what was under the towel. She didn't speak very much English so they had to use body language. She took off her robe to show off her beautiful tanned Asian skin and perfect breasts. Marco's dick was growing harder and harder as he watched her take his cock into her mouth. Scene Six: Shay Parker was surprised to find that Kris Slater, her Teaching Assistant, came in to her Parlor. This proved to be a fantastic opportunity to get that A she didn't have time studying for. Shay gave him a free full body massage, with something extra at the end. She rubbed oil up and down his body and turned him over so she could rub the tension out of his chest. Kris suggested tutors and study groups, but Shay was more interested in getting better grades in a naughty way. She sucked on his hard dick then flipped around and put her pussy in his face while rolling her tongue over and over around the tip of his cock. He came on her neck and she let the warm cum drip down her chest, knowing that she earned that A.

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Dahlia Sky

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