Sexually Greeting The New Neighbor

Released at: March 8, 2020 by Horny Household Clips
Sexy Amazon MILF, Alura Jensen, is peeking out her front window when her husband calls her phone. Alura plays off like she is sick and needs to stay in for the day, all the while seductively licking her lips while glaring out the window. Fifteen minutes later, Alura crosses the street to greet her new young neighbor, Conor. Welcome Wagon! Conor invites Alura in and the two exchange small talk, with Alura flirting not so subtly with her sexy new neighbor. Conor exits the room and Alura takes this as her chance to strip off her dress, and is left in just her lingerie on the couch. Wow! They smile at each other for a moment - locking fuck me eyes - like theyre getting ready for the best sex ever. Conor joins Alura on the sofa and they start making out, while his hands grope her amazing body. Alura takes off Conors shirt and starts stroking his cock while still kissing him. We shouldnt be doing this Conor pushes her panties to the side so he can finger her while they make out. Suddenly, Aluras phone rings. She pulls away to grab the phone from next to the sofa. Damn! Its my husband! Conor continues to kiss her neck and finger her pussy as Alura answers the phone. As she talks, she struggles to keep it together whilst being thoroughly pleasured. Alura then grabs her phone in one hand, and takes Conors hard cock in the other and leads him by the cock to the bedroom. Alura pushes Conor onto the bed, kneels before him, and starts to give him a blow job. She crawls back up him, kissing her way back up his young body till they make out some more. They then move into 69 position for a bit, and then Alura grabs her phone again. So pornstar lets make a porno! Conor starts to record as Alura mounts him cowgirl style, and Conor records it all. They make wild and passionate sex, fucking in several positions. Conor continues to record on Aluras now and then as they have sex. They swap the phone between each other as they record, having the most sexual fun time. Eventually Conor is fucking Alura in missionary position as she is about to cum. He shoots his load all over her sweet pussy, then shoves his still-hard long cock back into her yearning pussy. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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