Sharing My Wife On Vacation 2

Released at: July 22, 2022 by Touch My Wife
Vacations are the best! Not because you get to go somewhere warm with palm trees & sand, but because this is when your hot wife loosens up to having some naughty nights out! Think about it.. No kids, no work & no responsibilities to get in the way. Sometimes its the next morning that you get lucky. Peter was too out of it partying last night, but my hotwife Aria has wanted to fuck him for a long time. So she hits him up with a morning coffee at the pool. Not the most subtle of girls, she has him lotion her body down before she sizes his cock up. Turns up big! That was enough for Aria, she got down and slurped on my friend's dick like a good wife. I decided to surprise them at that moment, Peter seemed a little weirded out but he knew we were freaks and Aria looked so good he wasn't about to stop. Aria rode him like a good little slut, while talking dirty to me. She really liked when Peter fucked her doggystyle, think she almost forgot I was there for a minute - but not long, she's a good girl. She even asked me if she wanted to see Peter shoot his of cum all over her face.. guess what? I did! The end of a good vacation is always bittersweet. You're having such a great time but you feel it coming to a close, inching back towards the daily grind. My adorable wife Gia Oh My & I can't help ourselves. We want to have one last romp to really create some lasting memories before we head back home. My wife sees James Angel, this hot black guy in the pool and it's on. She lets him touch and makeout with her before we move to the showers for a little more privacy. Gia asks me if I want to watch her suck this strange man's dick before letting him fuck her mouth. We both peel off her panties and inspect her incredible ass before she asks me if I want to watch her get fucked. She takes him from behind while looking at me the whole time. We move to the bedroom and he continues to fuck my wife while I tough & feel her up. Gia loves taking his big black cock & letting me film her at the same time. My wife cums on this stranger's cock before he does a pull out move and cums all over her shaved pussy. Definitely won't be forgetting this vacation soon! My wife Jordy Love is a smart girl. Great tits too. She scored us an afternoon on our buddy Filthy Rich's big boat, a beautiful day too. But it wasn't his big boat she was interested in. When we get back to shore, she tells me she wants him to oil her up. I ask Rich to rub down my wife and he is totally game. Her big juicy tits come out right away and drizzles them in oil. This gets Rich hard and my wife starts stroking his big cock over his shorts. She slurps & sucks him, even using her oily tits to squeeze & jerk his thick member. Jordy loves it as soon as he penetrates her, her tight pussy gripping to his fat cock. He claps her ass from behind and makes her orgasm on his dick. Her amazing butt & jiggly boobs bounce & sway as he pounds my wife. She licks his balls tenderly until he nuts all over her pretty face. What a catch! When I take my hot wife Mackenzie Mace to a nudist resort for a little vacation, I'm expecting a fun time. The first night goes well, everyone is super nice & Mackenzie looks great in her birthday suit. The next day we're talking about the evening, when she notices this guy (Brickzilla) with the biggest cock ever. She is definitely intrigued, but too shy to do anything about it. Later that night, I set her up in some sexy lingerie for a little fun. I totally surprise her when Brick, the stud with the big dick from earlier shows up. She is in awe as she kisses, licks & sucks his massive member. Brick penetrates my wife, stretching her tight pussy out - she starts soaking his giant cock right away. She talks dirty to me as this stranger fucks her to orgasm after orgasm, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. You can see her hairy pussy clinging to his fat cock as he slams her from behind. She sucks his balls until he drops a big load on her face. What an amazing vacation - reserving our room for next year already!!

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