Simone Delilah

Released at: August 5, 2015 by Rodney Moore Clips
"The New Pussy Licker" featuring Simone Delilah, & Rodney Moore- Sultry vixen Simone Delilah is busy running her Dom Service when her new pussy licke rRodney finally arrives. She tells him he better lick her pussy good because her Maste ris coming over later to give her hairy pussy a good pounding. Rodney goes right to work licking her fur-covered clit as she continues running her business. Then she gets a disappointing phone call. Looks like her Master won't be able to make it after all. Now her pussyis all wet, she's horny, and needs to be fucked immediately. It must be Rodney's lucky day! Simone Delilah orders Rodney to stand aside as she starts to suck his cock. When she's good and ready, she commands him to fuck her. He obliges, banging her fur-covered hole. He's going a great job but she was supposed to have her Master come over to dominate her, so Rodney's going to have to take over those duties as well. He grabs her throat as he pounds her hairy pussy hard. Later he smacks her titties before ramming his rod back down her throat. She wouldn't be a good little submissive slut if she didn't take a facefull of goo which is exactly what she does. Rodney splatters her pretty face with an impressive stream of spunk.

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