Zebra Girls Vol. 5

Released at: July 11, 2022 by DogFart
Look at Chloe Scott and Sizi Sev! Typical Millennials! Sitting next to each other, staring into their cellphones...not saying a word. They're obsessed with their phones, working all the popular apps. Chat apps. Dating apps. Picture apps. The works. While Sizi is looking at pictures, Chloe is chatting with a fellah named Vonte. She finally breaks the silence. 'OMG', Chloe chirps, 'Vonte is so hot! But I'm worried'. Sizi's not sure what Chloe means, but soon she learns Vonte is a big, buffed black man. Chloe knows she's going to hook up with Vonte, and she's never experienced 'BBC'. Sizi has, so she's going to school Chloe on how to handle a pice of big, black meat. But first Sizi will have to warm up Chloe's tight, pink cunt. And of course Chloe will return the favor. It doesn't take Sizi long to strap-on a 10" black dildo. 'Trust me, this will open you up for Vonte'! as Sizi slides it in. This all ends with one of the greatest bush-shmoosing grinds you'll ever see! What happens when you cast an AVN Hall-of-Fame performer with a couple of new starlets? We brought Julia Ann for her return to the Dogfart Network with Jenna Foxx and Honey Gold. How nervous was Honey before her interracial lesbian scene? Honey goes into detail about her nerves and what she's expecting by working with a legend. Next, we find Julia Ann giving some advice to both Honey and Jenna. You also get an in-depth look at Jenna Foxx getting goofed on by Julia (who is also a personal friend of Jenna's). And what caused all three ladies to laugh hysterically? As we wrapped, Honey Gold is at no loss for words when it comes to how in awe she was of Julia Ann. Jenna Foxx chimes in, and of course, her love for cougars really showed today. In fact, we reminisce about how this booking was in the planning stages the last time Jenna Foxx was on the Dogfart Network. We conclude our day with Jenna and Honey discussing a return to our network -- how about a scene with them for Cumbang.com? Kate England is pissed, and she's about to make things right. She's suspected her man is cheating on her with one of her pals, Lisa Tiffian, and now she's about to learn the truth. That's why she shows up at Lisa's as this scene kicks off. Soon, she's choking the truth out of Lisa with a huge, black dildo! Once Lisa confesses, it's on! Kate straps on another big black cock from her arsenal, then gives it to Lisa in all three holes. If that's not enough, Kate gets Lisa to drop to her knees before some foot worship, then it's on to Kate being satisfied before she leaves Lisa -- exhausted and laid out on the floor -- swear she'll never tough Kate's man again! Seems like these days everyone has a blog, and some even make money at it! Lisa Tiffian is editor-in-chief of a widely-read women's blog. She manages a small staff of top bloggers, one of whom is Kleio Valentien. Since their audience is primarily women, they cover a wide-ranging spectrum of ladies' issues: everything from how to cook a perfect meal to edgier topics, like how to satisfy your man. In fact, they're working on a blog about sex toys. Lisa's got it covered, but she'd like a second opinion from Kleio. While Lisa steps out of the office for a few hours, Kleio not only double-checks Lisa's work, she decides to try a few of the toys out...just to make sure the writing is accurate. Only one problem -- Lisa forgets her phone, and when she runs back into her office to get it, Kleio's caught red-handed! Does Lisa fire her? Or make Kleio do what it takes the get the job back? After all, there's not a ton of jobs for the glut of bloggers these days!

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